5 Amazing Graphic Design Tools For Beginners

5 Amazing Graphic Design Tools For Beginners

The days when people were only interested in reading the content provided by your website are long gone. Now people are more into aesthetic looking websites that are pleasing to the eyes. You need impeccable graphics with quality content if you want your audience to stick to your website. But if you want to create a website that is eye-catching then a graphic design software is much needed. These graphic tools would help you provide the best visual elements into the website using minimal efforts. If you are a beginner and got your hands into the graphic development domain, then Clickmediasoft has prepared a well-researched list of ultimate tools for graphic design. Here are 5 amazing graphic design tools for beginners:

1. Photoshop

When it comes to graphic designing, the first name which comes into the mind is Photoshop. Photoshop has been leading the way for graphic designing tools for many years now and there are reasons for that. Photoshop has made editing photos way more interesting than it was before. Several automatic options are available in the software to tweak your photos to become better than they were before. All the features which a beginner might need to get a great graphic are bundled in Photoshop. The tool is capable of adding and removing images from an existing image. The user interface of the software is clean and it is great for beginners with its easy navigation.

2. Illustrator

Best software for beginners to create vector artform. Logos, icons, sketches, or even certain illustrations that are pretty tough could be created by using the tool. You would be creating impeccable artwork with the help of the tool using a little expertise and the best part is that all of this designing and artwork could be done real quick. The plugin which comes exclusively with the software allows the user to create an innovative webpage from scratch using a blank webpage. With the touch-type tool you would open new domains. New features are always added to the software to keep you engaged.


GIMP acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Programme is one of the best graphic designing platforms. The tool is popular amongst the beginners and is used worldwide. The fact that it is free makes it more popular. The software is compatible with almost all of the popular operating systems. You could do almost everything with the help of software be it simply editing photos or creating innovative artwork for different purposes. Almost every type of file format could be exported using the software. The tool could be easily customized according to your needs. In addition to these, GIMP also furnishes the full-screen view which allows the user to edit the image while viewing it.

4. Sketch

If you are a Mac user this is the software for you. The software is available exclusively for macOS users and is becoming quite popular amongst them. The software is delivering easy designing and editing very nicely. If you are more about the editing of web pages, user experience, applications, or interface designing, then it is a great tool for you. Several features are included in the software like artboards, different styles, integrating different vectors into one, etc.

5. Affinity

The software is one of the newest in the market which is giving tough competition to the already big names. There are two parts of the software, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Designer. The function of the Affinity Photo tool is to tweak pictures and give them the best editing they would need, while the function of the Affinity Designer tool is to provide you with vector graphics and designing various types of arts for your projects. The software allows quick designing of the content however complex, big, or problematic it may look like. The software could be customized easily and provides you with all the standard export formats. The software is compatible with Windows and macOS.

Wrapping up

If you are a beginner the above-mentioned pieces of software are a must go for you. They provide easy navigation for the users and the tutorials they have sum up almost everything which you would like to know before using the software. Give a try to one of these and become a master of graphic design. Contact Citrusstudio web designers.

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