8 Google Adwords Mistakes That’ll Kill Your Campaign

Internet marketers always make efforts to get more from their online brand or campaign. They know well that Google AdWords is a great way to get more traffic and improve sales. It is about the maintenance to get the highest return on investment.

8 Google Adwords Mistakes That’ll Kill Your Campaign

A poorly managed campaign can be expensive. Contrary a well-managed campaign keeps your business conversion rate higher as well as increase the sales and revenue. It is about your understanding of Google AdWords and how smartly you can run it. Here are some mistakes discussed that can help you in establishing a successful Adwords campaign.

  1. Wrong Keywords Grouping

    AdWords is a set up that enables you to create campaign ad groups to manage different kind of campaigns. Each campaign allows you to breakdown your ads into ad groups, and for this, you can click on ‘New ad group’ button. When you don’t use the ad groups, you are making the biggest mistake. Rather than segmenting your keywords into ad group around the similar types of keywords, you lump entire keywords into one ad. As a result, it shows the same ad to everyone. Breaking up your ads and keywords into themes can make your campaign easier optimization.

  2. Not Using The Right Keyword Matches

    You can add the keywords to your campaign in any of mentioned below:

    Broad Match: It helps you to show your add when people search for given keywords.
    Phrase Match: Your add will show if people search for your keywords.
    Exact Match: Your add will show if you put the exact keyword that you are targeting.

    These can make your keywords and ads more precise. A good trick is you should start with exact matches and then take a step towards the phrase and broad if needed. In case, you are not getting a satisfactory result, you can flip them.

  3. Not Using The Negative Keyword

    You can use the negative keywords as a way to exclude the keywords that don’t match for your brand. To add the negative keywords, click ‘Negative Keywords’ under the list of keywords for your ad group. You can add this type of keyword at both, the campaign and ad group level. To find excluded words, you should take help of Google Analytics than AdWords to make keyword searches.

  4. Lack Of Ad Extensions & Poorly Written Ads

    Not optimizing ad extensions is a big mistake. Google has made it easier to write better ad copy and adjust settings to yield better ROI. The appropriate ad extensions will increase the conversion rate ultimately. Putting a compelling ad copy is more necessary than writing a blog post headline. With an enticing ad copy, you will understand what is useful for your campaign, and you will have a better understanding of the tools available to you.

  5. Not Bidding On Your Brand

    Since people found their brand in the ranking, they refuse to advertise for it. But, if you don’t promote and the other companies are doing hard, they will take advantage of your ad group name to attract the visitors. So, it will be useful if you bid the highest for your brand.

  6. Not Knowing The LTV Of Customers

    Lifetime Value (LTV) of customers is the only way to know your spend on AdWords per acquisition. Several marketers don’t understand their LTV, and they don’t know the CPA. So, first of all, learn how to calculate the LTV of your business to manage your campaigns accordingly.

  7. Not Testing Ad Position

    If you only want to improve branding, then top two ad positions are best for you. If you want the best result, then 3-5 position is better. Placing on lower positions rather than first is better as the people tend to click on top two positions. Most probably they click whether they are seriously interested or not. Usually, people look at the side of the screen, when they find nothing useful in their search. Being at side position will act as a filter.

  8. Too Much Expectations From Adwords

    The biggest mistake is having a small budget and expecting too much from Google Adwords to launch a big business or campaign. A low budget would not make you able to test your ads correctly. It makes your campaign to take time to run and optimize your campaign for improving your return. According to recommendations, you should start with enough budget and also be stick on your campaign for a long enough tracking its growth and figure out the result.

    In a nutshell, your ad should be targeted by the people that will help in increasing the traffic, generating better leads and increasing sales. If you want to create a flawless campaign, then pay attention to avoid the common pitfalls. By spending some time initially can help you in setting up a successful campaign.

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