Learn Proven Ways to Promote your website on Google

Learn Proven Ways to Promote your website on Google

Building a website is not enough! To prosper with your business, you must know how to promote your website on the world’s best search engine- Google. And, on the other hand, promoting a website can be a daunting and an intimidating experience, not to forget highly expensive. Of course, not everyone has enough financial budgets to spend on paid advertising, campaigns and various other scholarships.

However, you need not be disheartened! There are some proven and effective strategies that help in better marketing and promotion of your website on Google. So, you can promote your website and increase the traffic on your website. Moreover, you need not even pay a penny!

Try Guest Blogging

Putting content related to your website related to your business niche is prominent and important. It will reach out to the right people and hence ensure that people who are interested in your topic do see your content and enjoy them. In short, this means that you will get more traffic for your website.

Find the targets
Remember, before entering the world of guest blogging, you need to figure out the type of audience you want to tap into. Find out the platform, or other high authority websites that could benefit you. This requires a good amount of research and make a list of good blogs that relate to your business niche. You should understand that posting something out of your niche actually brings no benefit to you.

Prepare pitch
You are motor to spam your potential clients. You need to make and follow a strategy to attract them and lure them on your website and perform the desired action. They are strangers to you and there are certain techniques that can be used to attract these masses. Make your blog your weapon. Use it with utmost research on content and keywords to reach the right people.

Write the guest post
Follow a certain writing flow and style as well as the formatting options. If the blogs include headers and bold texts in them, then follow the pattern. Maintain the number of words you use and the kinds of images you use! Have a consistency in your write-ups.

Search Engine Option (SEO)

A process to rank your website higher on the search engine’s result page like Google Search results. Design and execute a strategy to take your brand to the top. Following an effective SEO strategy brings a scalable and long term result on your website. They bring passive traffic to the website. SEO takes a little time but it is the best strategy for a ling term business.

Content around an organic search traffic potential
Your SEO strategy will be effective if you use appropriate and enough keywords in yoru write ups uploaded on the website. Also, remember to understand the user search intent before writing a blog. Will the user read this? Is this at all useful?

Optimize the content
After writing makes sure, it is easily readable for the user. Plus, keep all the headings and bold as required. Ensure correct meta titles and meta tags for each article or blog. Content on the website plays a major role in prompting your website on Google.

Build Links- Interlinks and Backlinks
Create backlinks and internal links in each blog. It will help the search engine- Google to realize that you are an authentic site. Moreover, all your content is related to each other. This is a plus point for any user who looks for the same keyword that you use.

Device & Speed Optimization

It is important to optimize your website for all kinds of devices. Most of the visitors are on mobile phones or even smaller screens compared to desktop ones. Thus, it is vital for the website to be adaptballe in all kinds of devices like mobiles, tablets, etc. The better the user has access to your website, the more they are to come again and benefit you. Besides this, your website should also be optimied for speed. Make sure that the website loads quickly. Try playing around with the images and content to decrease the load on the website.

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