Proven Ways To Earn More From Google Over & Over Again

Google has become a one-stop source for helping a variety of businesses to earn more. As the physical stores are moving to e-commerce stores, everyone is working hard to target the audience online. In such a competitive environment learning how to earn money from Google can help you to take your business at the next level.

Proven Ways To Earn More From Google Over & Over Again

There are two ways to utilize Google for earning purpose, organic search engine traffic and paid search engine ads. Both play an essential role, but most of the people go with organic search traffic.

Well, here you will learn how these two ways can help you to earn more over and over again.

Method 1: Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is one of the favorite tactics that help businesses to generate more leads and drive traffic to their business. It is a process of optimizing your business website or eshop for search engines such as Google. SEO aims to make your content easy for search engines to crawl and determine when your website pages can serve best to the audience.

How It Works

SEO helps to make your website rank on the top of the search engines to get into the attention of visitors. There are plenty of people who search for your product and services on various search engines. SEO pull-in quality traffic and SEO traffic is more likely to turn into quality leads. Thus, you will be able to increase sales and leads and get a higher return on investment. Overall, SEO is a long term strategy that keeps on expanding brand awareness and equity.

How To Get Started With SEO

  1. SEO Audit

    It helps to figure out where your website stands and on which part you need to focus on making your site stand out. Thus, you will need to look for the following elements of your website:

    • Check all your URLs should be SEO friendly
    • Optimize your website structure
    • Identify your site speed
    • Check on-page optimization
    • Check off page optimization
  2. Keyword Research

    Keyword research plays a vital role in earning money from Google this is why keywords are an essential part of SEO. Choose the rights tools to keyword research for your business and remember to:

    • Choose the most relevant keywords.
    • Identifying topics which are relevant and useful to your audience.
    • Add additional keywords or similar topics that are related to your business.
  3. Search Engine Optimized Content

    Develop content including blogs, additional website pages, landing pages and more around the specific keywords. It should provide vast information engagingly and compellingly.

Method 2: Google AdWords

It is all about the PPC advertising in which Google ads help grow your business. PPC ads helps in your organic search to improve the online visibility and drive more traffic back to your site.

Benefits Of Google Ads

  • It reaches more customers through their Gmail inbox
  • Reconnect with your website users
  • Measure your performance consistently
  • Explore more using your Google ads
  • Tackle your competitors better
  • Google Adwords works faster than SEO

How To Get Started With Google Adwords

  • Find and select your business goal which you are trying to achieve through your campaign. Depending on your aim, Google will show you the best campaign types to reach your goal.
  • Choose the geographic area which you want to target through your ads.
  • Manually set your bids for clicks or conversions considering your goal you are trying to achieve. Google will suggest you which is best as per your ads requirement, and then you will need to choose the daily budget.

Method 3: SEO + Google Ads

Google Adwords and SEO are the foremost to earn from Google. Now, the combination of SEO and Google Ads can prove to be a beneficial deal for your business.

  • It helps your campaign to get the double visibility if your ad is listed in the top three paid positions. You will get the advantage over your competitors for the keywords which they listed once and you twice.
  • Combination of both can help to drive traffic to your site thereby improving conversion. Moreover, higher visibility and more traffic will affect your business.
  • PPC advertising is a great way to refine your organic keyword strategy. Test the conversion rate of your words you want to classify as Ads in PPC with organic keywords strategy for the long run.

Now, you know how to kick start earning from Google. No matter, you choose the organic search, paid search or a combination of both, it will surely provide benefits to your business. Remember, this could be challenging to be performed by unprofessional or startup, so you must go with the professionals.

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