Top WordPress Tips for Creating Awesome Business Websites

WordPress Tips for Creating Awesome Business Websites

  1. Apple flashy sidebars

    You can customize your sidebars by using Accordion plugin which will convert your WordPress sidebar similar to apple alike. Use Yahoo! UI library to Add Tabs to your sidebar. Your sidebar should contain dynamic content. Your sidebar should be attractive enough that a visitor should go through it every time he visits your site.

  2. Add Customised forms and blogs

    To get more user reviews on your site, add an option for them to write blogs. Submit blog post plugin allows visitors or subscribers to write a post on your website. Introduce paginated comments plugin to provide you an ability to turn comments into optimized pages.

  3. Image Caption

    This plugin is used to generate captions for the images by extracting title attribute from images. Customised Style Sheets (CSS) are used to provide styles to those captions.

  4. Random Redirect

    Links are created with the help of this Plugin. It allows you to create a link Through this link, you can redirect a visitor to your blogs random post.

  5. Facelift Image Replacement (FLIR) Plugin

    If you want to convert any title or content into images, you can do this using FLIR plugin. Bloggers rely on this plugin as it is helping them perform even better.


    Your favourite bookmarks from your WordPress blog can be displayed using plugin in your website.

  7. Advanced Category Excluder.

    This is used to hide your various posts from your blogs as per your convenience. This can also be achieved by putting the content you want to hide in a loop.

  8. Avoid Duplicate Posts

    Don’t allow duplicate content to be posted on our site, as it can bring your ranking down. To avoid duplicate content WordPress comes with Page redirect template. This template avoids duplicacy by automatically redirecting your page content URL to new location everytime your page loads.

  9. Archive work webpage

    WordPress page can be archieved by using various style techniques such as Listing your posts, Displaying monthly or yearly archieves, Order archieves by category.

  10. Exploit Scanner

    This plugin is used for listing the files with code fragments when a file is searched using few strings mostly known to hackers. It also checks database for active plugins blog, comment table, and posts table.

  11. Landing Pages

    When visitor visits your page, they are looking for something innovative. They want the page they land on should contain the queries they are searching for. Atleast provide them posts related to their search on your blog.

  12. Notifixious

    This plugin helps in notifying your subscribed readers on their Instant Messaging, Email, etc contact address provided by them whenever you publish new posts to your blogs.

  13. Xampp and WordPress

    You can install wordpress and its servers such as Lamp, Xampp, Wamp and can run and develop sites on your machine locally. You can various install plugins, upgrade to the latest versions to develop a fully featured website.

These are various tricks and templates in WordPress which can help you develop an impressive website. Get in touch with our WordPress web designers in Mississauga to know how we can make your next amazing website.

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