Video Marketing in SEO- Top 10 Ways to Promote Your Video Easily on the Internet

Video Marketing in SEO- Top 10 Ways to Promote Your Video Easily on the Internet
Ever prepared a good meal, had the house all squeaky clean, tables all set up, and forgot to invite the guest? Guess not. So, why should you waste all your efforts and throw them down the drain? You spent days planning, filming, and editing that awesome video, but no one is watching. Do not doubt your production skills, it is much more likely as you have not taken the right measures to promote and distribute videos on the right platform.

Here are the Top 10 Ways to Promote Your Video Easily on the Internet

Optimize the video for SEO
A video must be well optimized for Search Engine Optimization for it to be loved by everyone going through the search engines. That means you have to use the right keywords in the title, in the description, and tags for the video uploaded.

Insert a video thumbnail in your email newsletter
You can promote your videos via email newsletter. You might think that emails are outdated but they are most preferred by people as they add some notification to their email- the ones they are actually waiting for! Thus, you can leverage this attention time for your video. Keep the subject and email really interactive.

Run video campaign for a targeted audience
A campaign can boost engagement and impression on videos. Thus, you must design and execute a specifically targeted audience. Run a campaign for a week and see if the target you set is the one working the best for you.

Link to video landing pages in Email signatures
You can add video links to the email signatures – any email you are sharing. This will bring attention to many on the video, making it inquisitive for them to have a look into it. It is one of the easiest and feasible ideas to talk about in your video.

Add share buttons on the video
Make sure to add share buttons on the video for people to share it with their friends. Even one audience can bring many to your page.

Put the videos above the fold
The average attention span of people has been reduced to 10 seconds now. All they see is what you show. Therefore, you have to make sure that the video on your page or on your website is the one that you want them to see first. This method is really fruitful and eye-catchy.

Pin the video to the top in the Twitter
Keep the video on the top of the Twitter page by pinning it. Whenever viewers visit your profile or page, they will see the video and bring engagement to it. Twitter has the power to attract a lot of other beneficial engagements.

Tease the video on Instagram
Instagram and Facebook are the trendiest platforms as of now. Use all the Instagram features available to talk about your video. Do not give the entire video there. Just give a little teaser and bring them to Youtube to increase your views there.

Create a thread on Twitter
Remember to create a thread on Twitter concerning the video. This will bring more people and make them believe that your video is more trending and what people are talking about.

Create a network for the mouth of word
The mouth of the word works the best for any and every business. Keep your video interesting for the people to talk about your video themselves and make a group for it to ensure that the message is passed on to as many people as possible.

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