9 reasons why Woocommerce is Most Widely used Ecommerce Plugin

Why Woocommerce is Most Widely used Ecommerce PluginWooCommerce is a free shopping eCommerce plugin in the WordPress universe which plays a vital role in developing eshops. It is the most flexible and the only plugin which provides both the developer and client have complete control of their web store. You can host your online store on your own if you are using this. More than 30% of digital stores are using it as eCommerce extension.

Reasons why we should prefer Woocommerce for online store websites:-

  1. It is available for Free

    There are variety of plugins but woocommerce has an advantage over others that is, it is available for free. It is also an open source plugin. Though free, it comes with variety of features which makes it the first choice of brand stores. Its extensions to come are also cost effective which make it suitable for small business.

  2. Flexibility

    This plugin is flexible as it provides both the developer as well as the client to deal with various operations of their store by themselves. The clients of this plugin are enjoying using it, as it provides great flexibility.

  3. Fully Featured

    Unlike other Ecommerce technologies, WooCommerce plugin is installed in a Professional website, there is no need to develop a new website to link it. It can work openly with all dimensions of a site whether it is a service or any type of blog page.

  4. Interactive yet simple

    In spite of being free, it is professional enough to provide every feature needed for an online platform. You can sell goods whether they are digital, offer variations in products, and can also sell affiliate goods from other online market places.

  5. Payment options

    It has the ability to accept credit cards, PayPal and cash on delivery. Various payment gateways for collecting digital payments are included such as Stripe, Authorize.net and Amazon Payment.

  6. Plenty of Extensions

    There are plenty of Woocommerce extensions available in app store. Various applications related to accounting, marketing, reporting and payment when needed can be taken from these extensions.

  7. Suited for developers

    As it is flexible and extendable, WooCommerce is created keeping in mind developers need and easiness. It can integrate with any service available on your webpage. Your stores data can be accessed, anytime, from anywhere with 100% security.

  8. Better growth

    It will remain in market for coming years as it is the most widely used plugin in online shopping websites.

  9. Overseas Shipping

    It is also one of the factor making this plugin famous. It offers free shipping, open up your store to whole world by online businesses and popularity.

These are few salient features which created success story for woocommerce. This is the reason why Ecommerce sites are prefering it over other plugins. Our WordPress developers in Mississauga are the leading name in WP website development and WooCommerce plugin.

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