Find Here the Latest Features in Google Search Console 2020

Google is bringing regular updates, so updates in the Search Console are obvious. In 2020, various features have been noted in Google Search Console to assist webmasters with features and tools required to rank websites.

Find Here the Latest Features in Google Search Console 2020

We have mentioned below all the latest features in Google Search Console

  1. Change of Address Features

    We hope you’re conversant in the address change option within the new search console. This option, which is present within the settings of every web property within the search, is now getting an update.

    Soon you’ll notice a couple of additional features within the change of address section, which can offer you further insights about whether the address change has been successful or not.

  2. Redirect Validation

    Starting in Feb 2020, Google is going to be adding a couple of new features to assist webmasters to check the validation of their redirect request. This provides program crawlers to redirect all the authority and trust gained by the old domain to the new one. In addition to the present, any user who tries accessing the older version of the location gets automatically redirected to the new one. Presently, webmasters can not know whether the redirects are successful. As latest redirect validation features are added to the search console 2020, it will keep an eye on the redirection of the top 5 URLs of the domain.

  3. Review Snippet

    Google announced Review Snippet support within the new search console, enabling webmasters to seek out and resolve issues with their review markup. In addition to the review snippet enhancement feature, the Review Snippet also will be a part of the Performance Report filter. With the introduction of the Review Snippet enhancement feature, webmasters can now find issues with the markup implementation. With this webmasters can understand how actually review snippet performed in terms of clicks and CTR on the SERP.

  4. Removals Report

    Google Declared that a replacement feature has been to its Search Console to briefly obstruct the program from showing results from your site. Google has added three sorts of removal tools into the new Search Console to assist webmasters report, review, and takedown URLs that are contentious.

  • Temporary Removals Tool

    Google Search Console now features a dedicated feature, “Removals,” which can have Temporary Removals together of the choices. This option is for webmasters who want to get rid of a selected content or URL from Google’s Index.

  • Outdated Content

    Within this area, the website admins can discover the evacuation demands recorded by Google clients through the openly accessible Remove Outdated Content Tool. Anyone can submit a removal request if you feel that the information is no longer available or adds value to the SERP. Webmasters are going to be notified about such requests within this section of the Search Console.

  • Safe Search Filtering

    The third new tab included in the Removals Features the new Search Console is SafeSearch Filtering. This area records the pages that clients detailed for grown-up content utilizing the freely accessible SafeSearch Suggestion Tool.
    Any request filed by the users with regards to adult content is going to be reviewed by Google to make a decision whether to filter it from SafeSearch results.

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