How To Write SEO friendly Content?

How To Write SEO friendly Content?
In today’s world of technology and internet, it is content that makes your products or solutions sell in the market. The choice of words in a content piece go a long way to determine whether a blog or article would be a hit amongst the audience or just fizzle out.

It is one thing to write SEO friendly content but another to write SEO friendly content that keeps the readers engaged. While most businesses, brands, and individuals are able to do one, there are only some who are able to achieve the perfect combination of both.

Having SEO friendly content makes your content rank higher on Google and other search engines so it can be easily found by people on the internet. In order to achieve digital success in the true sense, your content should be appealing to search engines such as Google as well as to the people.

Here are some effective tips and tricks to write SEO friendly content from Citrusstudio, a top SEO Agency in Mississauga.

1. Primary keyword research

Every project begins with research and proper groundwork. Writing SEO friendly content is no different. The first and foremost step in writing quality SEO content is the choice of keywords. Keyword research involves identifying keywords that are relevant to the topic that you have chosen. By conducting proper keyword research, you would get to know which keywords would help content rank higher on Google and which ones you shouldn’t use.

2. Listing down related keywords

Once you have conducted a keyword research for your content piece, you would come across many related keywords as well. It is essential to make a list of all the related keywords. Use of related keywords in your content would help optimize and refine it even more.

3. Writing a catchy title

For the content to rank higher on Google and capture the attention of the target audience, it is essential to write a title that is captivating and generates a sense of curiosity amongst the readers to read the content piece right till the end. Well, you just have a few seconds to capture the attention of readers. It is also important to use the main keyword of your content in the title for SEO purposes.

4. Length of the content

The length of the content is extremely important to how much traffic it will get and how higher it will rank on Google. Nowadays, articles and blogs of around 1,000-1,500 words are mostly published. It is important to give complete information of whatever you are talking about in your content. While earlier frequent publishing of shorter blogs and posts of around 200-300 words would generate maximum traffic, it is not the same anymore. Google algorithms give first preference to long content that provides complete and correct information to the readers.

5. Writing top-notch content

No tip or trick can beat writing quality content. In order to engage more people and get them to read your content, you must provide them with something different. The best content piece would be the one that has answers to the questions that people are looking out for. Quality is above anything else and there is no substitute for it. Quality content will always get the desired results provided it has something unique and useful for the target audience.

6. Avoid keyword stuffing

It is really crucial to not stuff the content with too many keywords. You must use proper keyword density in the content. Using a keyword many times in the content is likely to lower the search rankings on Google. A content piece can also be rejected if it is stuffed with the same repetitive keywords. Hence, keyword placement and volume both are essential for SEO friendly content.

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