Top 5 Web Design Tips Useful To Boost Your Conversion Rate

5 Ways To Give A Professional Look To Your WebsiteDo you ever visit to your own business website and get frustrated with its web design? If yes, it is because most of the people underestimate the web design effects and their conversion rates. Make the visitors stay on your web page is one of the difficult task ever. In order to keep any visitor on your website for a long time, you need to follow some principles that will enhance your website eCommerce performance. Here we go:

  1. Apply Hick’s Law

    Hick’s law is a well known psychological marketing tool that the more choices you give your visitors the more they will get confused to develop. So, if you give them specific choices, they will not get bothered to make choice at all. So, keep your links minimal, it should be a focus on the user’s attention on gateway simplifying their experience with your website.

  2. Rule Of Thirds

    The rule of the third that helps the photographs garner will also help your web design elements. By applying this rule, you can create a layout that is interacting with your eyes. By using the significant web design elements at the intersections of the grid, you will earn more user actions.

  3. Determine The Negative Space

    A crowded web page will overwhelm your website users. The negative space surrounding test is really important to the user experience. So, don’t put links too close altogether, make the distance between the line heights and even be wary of kerning. You are suggested to use empty space around your text, elements, therefore, users feel relax to their eyes.

  4. F-Layout

    We all start to read books from left to right and starting to end. The same rule applies here, a web designer should consider applying the F-Shape. It refers to place your important elements nearby the left portion of the page and less important should placed on the right side.

  5. Attention Grabbers

    Designers are recommended to use large but simple headlines with compelling text that will draw your user’s interaction. Creative and interesting images will keep the users fascinated. Moreover, you can use the videos, gifts, animated button, interactive elements rather than flat imagery to grab the attention of the visitors.

The conclusion is, a well-planned design will play well on your website. So a professional web designer should keep these things in mind when designing a website for the purpose to improve conversion rate.

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