Top 7 Web Design Trends for 2017

Top 7 Web Design Trends for 2017Web design is a highly dynamic realm. what’s great today is going to be stale tomorrow and extinct the next day. So, its important to stay up to date in the game. It is vital to keep refreshing the knowledge and tools database in order to deliver the absolutely best to your clients.

Here is top 7 design trends that are going to rock in 2017 and possibly beyond even.

  1. Gradients

    They were written off some years ago, but they are back now. Subtel gradient variations in the color scheme can do wonders for your brand image. Sometimes, gradients applied in a bold and big scheme can also work great. The most well used type is when gradient overlay on photos is used.

  2. Video with Sound

    With increasing bandwidth and data limits, videos are becoming a rage. More people prefer to watch a video than to read. So, you can incorporate a video to your web design that carries sound as well. Do deliver the cinematic experience to the clients with the right approach. Do not make it heavy and proceed with caution.

  3. Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality is making its presence felt across the digital realm. With more devices on the market, VR is going to be big in the times to come. Gaming websites can make big use of VR along with other features. Make sure you can employ an element that works seamlessly with the design.

  4. Parallax

    Parallax is not going anywhere. We suggest you explore more parallax effects and sideways movements. Layered design along with smooth scrolling elements can help create an exceptional design. Users love realistic smooth scrolling on the pages.

  5. Simple Homepages

    More and more websites are experimenting with the simple homepage. We also suggest you to strip the unnecessary elements and give the bare minimum look a place in your design philosophy. The products and services along with some design elements will be all you need. You should also ensure that necessary content for SEO purposes is not trimmed. Thanks to scrolling webpages, we can integrate the simple look with appropriate SEO content.

  6. New Navigation Patterns

    Top navigation is not the defacto look that has to be always as such. More brands now sport alternative navigational arrangements such as hidden, pop-up or hamburger menu. You should also think about user patterns during the menu designing phase.

  7. Neutral Color Palettes

    Color palettes are undermined in the design world. In the past 2-3 years, the color palettes are making a comeback. Today, web design is witnessing a neutral and natural color palettes that are more in sync with the designer elements. Muted tones, greens and beiges are making a comeback this season.

These are the 7most widely followed design trends that are sure to go viral in 2017. If you need more help with the web design strategies or have a web design project, discuss with our web design Mississauga professionals today.

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